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Art and Design

Design.. is the creative process of choosing. How can you design your own painting? Every creative process, designing your garden, a building, a symphony, we all go through the same process. Decisions decisions.. Media, Colors, Composition, Format.. etc. Let us try to put that into elements.

The Story

  • What is your intent?
  • What is the story you are telling?


  • Values, contrast
  • Light and dark.


  • What format?
  • What composition you choose?


  • What is mode of yor story?
  • Colors.. what are the best to transmit the feelings of your story to the viewer?
Osama | Artist / Web designer

Osama | Artist / Web designer


Artist/Designer A self-taught artist. Painter, designer, art director and activist. His art focuses on human feelings and sufferings around the globe.


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