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ART Frequently Asked Questions

I try to answer all your questions about ART here.

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ART faq

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Can you paint from a damaged photo?

Yes, subject to the condition of the photo. The details must still be apparent. The higher the quality of the photo to be painted, the more representative the painting will be.form.

How long does it take to have a portrait finished?

Fusain / Charcoal: 2 weeks

Sanguine / Sepia: 2 weeks

Pastel colors: 3 weeks

Oil Paint: 4 weeks

What is the price of the shipping costs?

Can you send the painting directly to the person I'm offering it to?

Sure. You can even send us a card or a note that I will slide in with the painting. There will be no advertising introduced.

How are the canvases packaged?

Each painting is manually packaged in ultra strong materials.

For a canvas delivered rolled, I place plastic films between each painting. If the paint is frameless and small in size, I roll them in PVC tubes. In case of large size, I use plastic foams to wrap the outside. Everything is protected by bubble wrap. For a canvas delivered stretched on a wooden frame, your oil portrait will be protected by medium plates in front of and behind the canvas, as well as cardboard and bubble wrap.

What are the accepted payment methods?

You can pay by check, money order, bank transfer, credit card, or Paypal (having a Paypal account is not required).

Will my paintings be published?

If you do not want your painting to be published, please let us know. In any case, I will remove your painting on request.

Do you only offer Portraits?

I also do landscapes and expessive paintings, mostly in oil.

Do you provide a payment plan? What are your payment options?

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide payment plans for my clients. I suggest paying with a credit card and providing payments that way.

A deposit of half of the sum is requested from you , after receipt of your payment by check or transfer I carry out the work. As soon as it is finished I send you the photo by email and upon receipt of the balance of your payment I send it to you by post


Please specify if you require to pay via PayPal so that I may accomodate your needs.

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